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Dirk Fischer Elektronik (DFE)

Engineering of RF and Microwave Components and Systems up to 26.5 GHz.
Our company developes and manufactures nearly all components for RF and Microwave in nearly all quantities.
It doesent matter whether you need only some RF-Filters (e.g. lowpass-filter for 2200 MHz), or Power-Splitters or maybe some hundred Power Amplifiers e.g. 2.4 GHz with 40 Watt output. We deliver components and systems for nearly all needs - for communication, measurement, radar, optical application, airborne or industrial and scientific applications.We are very competitive, we have much more than 500 different designs and we can modify our products to nearly any new challenge.
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We have nearly all tools in house - we do manufacturing of PCBs (more than 20 different substrates on stock),
we use an own PCB software which is specialised for RF and Microwave boards. We have CNC machining capability for enclosures and lot of measurement instruments up to 40 GHz.

We sell our products worldwide - from USA to Japan - nearly half of our sales is "export".

We deliver product (as modules, mounted on a base plate or heatsink or in a 19"-enclusure) or we deliver engineered projects, which means that our customers do the production on their own. In that case, we do deliver complete
documentation and some samples, of course.We also deliver modules for optical telecommunications, e.g. very fast drivers and amplifiers for high-speed-networks.

Our limit at this time is 26,5 GHz (we have more than 20 designs for different modules at 24 GHz,
maximum power is about 20 Watt!).

For modules up to 50 GHz and more or the design of very-low-noise synthesizers we are working together with some
experienced partners.

We are very flexibel, our pricing is very competitive and delivery times are very short, sometimes only hours (depending on the project, of course)! Our customers are all kind of industry, from very big telecommunication concerns to small companies, we also deliver universities and research institutes etc.

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Dr.-Ing. D. Fischer