Power Amplifier

The Power Amplfiers are build on custom request - we have about 200 different designs from "kHz" up to 24 GHz and from "mW" up to "kW". We can modify our existing designs very fast to a lot of needs. The delivery time depends mainly on the semiconductors - we have a stock for the mostly needed devices - so delivery time is only 2-3 weeks.
We deliver the amplifiers as a module or as a complete assembled amplifier with power supply, 19" enclosure etc.
We can integrate other components like oscillators, circulators or filters together with an amplifier in a housing or on a heatsink - which is very cost effect. We have some design for broadband amplifiers up to 2 GHz - please ask.

For a specific quotation please tell us your specifications :
  • Frequency range
  • Output power (e.g. 140 Watt @ 2,4 GHz, 60 Watt @ 10 GHz)
  • Gain (fixed or variable)
  • Intermodulation
  • Control inputs (on/off, TTL etc.)
  • Isolator at input/output-port