UpConverter and DownConverter

We design and built Up- and DownConverters in the frequency range up to 26.5 GHz. The UpConverter designs usually have an output power of 10 mW or 100 mW - to drive one of our Power Amplifiers for higher output. The LO is either in the same housing as the converter or in a separate enclosure. Our DownConverters accomplish low noise and high gain. We use synthesizer or xtal/tcxo driven frequency multipliers. The converters can be obtained in an aluminium enclosure as a module or in a 19"-housing with power supply etc..
The Up- and DownConverters are available in quantities of one up to several hundreds.

  • DownConverter from 2450 MHz to 400 MHz, bandwith 200 MHz
  • UpConverter from 140 MHz to 1200 MHz with low distortion
  • UpConverter from 1000 MHz up to 8000 MHz (100mW output)
  • DownConverter from 1691 MHz to 70 MHz with external LNA
For a specific quotation please tell us your specifications :
  • Frequency range, bandwidth
  • LO SBN
  • NF, Gain, IP3, output power
  • Housing: Aluminium enclosure, 19" rackmount with power-supply etc.

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