We design and built oscillators up to 26.5 GHz. We have an univeral design for synthesizer from 100 MHz up to
26.5 GHz. For low-noise oscillators we use very special xtal/tcxo/ocxo and multiplier technology. Output power is in the range of some dBms - of course we can combine them with our power amplifiers.

Photo shows an xtal-oscillator with 27 dBm output and a power amplifier with output about
45 dBm (=35Watt) with integrated isolator - mounted on a heatsink (with fan)

As all other components, the oscillators can be ordered as a module in small enclosures or in 19"-rackmount.
For a specific quotation please tell us your specifications :
  • Frequency / Frequency Range
  • Output power
  • Harmonics and non-harmonics
  • SBN, accuracy
  • Enclosure: Low-Cost-Tin-Box, CNC drilled aluminium housing , 19" rackmount with power suplly etc.

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